10 ways to Stay Motivated

stay motivated
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To complete a task or achieve a goal, we must stay focused and energetic throughout the course of action. But many times we find ourselves getting distracted and procrastinating, which creates an obstacle between us and our goals.
However these obstacles can be overcome by practicing techniques to stay motivated.

De-motivation makes us lazy, destroys our focus and makes it hard to achieve our goals. De-motivation is a common problem faced by many people and the most motivated people can also get demotivated in bad situations. People with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often find it difficult to stay motivated.

Despite the De-motivating moments of your life, each one of you have the potential to become successful. To become successful and achieve your goals you must have an idea, and a behavior pattern to execute that idea again and again until it becomes reality. Motivation is the center of all our actions. Motivation is the force, which helps and causes us to want to repeat those behavior patterns which lead us to success and achieve all your goals.

Below is a list of ten points which is extremely helpful to stay motivated.

1) Focus: Focus is most important factor in your journey towards success. Stay focused on your goal and action plan, which will keep distractions away. Focus is something that will keep you on track, and keep you reminding your next action steps. If you are not focused, you may get distracted from your path, and this is where De-motivation surrounds you. Focus can be developed through continuous effort and hard-work. Stop multitasking, do one thing at a time with all your energy, this will help you stay motivated.

2) Make a to do list: A to do list is a list of works which you have to finish. Making a to do list is a great idea to increase your productivity and stay motivated. If you often forget to do some work, a to do list will help you overcome this habit of forgetting important works and help you meet a deadline.
At the beginning of your day make a list of works to be done with most important works at the top of the list. Add a deadline with all the works, this will help you save your time.
By making and following a to do list, you will be able to write all your plans at one place and you can focus your Energy and time on most important work. Doing this will surely increase your productivity and self confidence.

3) Read motivational articles and books: To stay motivated reading motivational articles on blogs, books is a great idea. Reading motivational articles related to your field will reduce your stress level and fill your Brain with new inspiring ideas. A motivational article can be found on various blogs, books and magazines.

4) Watch informative documentaries: A documentary film is a motion picture based on realities and contains lot a of information. Today there are many documentaries have been made based on wide range of subjects such as Science, History, Geography, Politics and many more. I have always found watching documentaries very helpful and motivational. Documentaries Featuring Sir David Attenborough, Physicist Brian Cox and Histories Michel Wood are some of my favorites. Watching documentaries about Science, History etc is a great idea to stay motivated and relax.

5) Stay Energetic:Nothing can be done in this universe without Energy. Staying Energetic will help you face many of life’s problems effectively. With the help of a balanced diet and healthy life style, you can stay Energetic. Being Energetic means that, you should always be ready to face any challenge in life.

6) Be positive about your success: Never underestimate your abilities and doubt your potential to become successful. You must develop a positive way of thinking and believe in your self. Think about your best qualities and how you can sharpen them to achieve success. Whenever you find yourself in a negative mood, just replace it by positive mood, by thinking positive thoughts.

7) Be Enthusiastic: Enthusiasm means having an intense enjoyment and interest for something.
If you are enthusiastic about something then there hardly anything which can stop from achieving it.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

8) Take advice from Experts: Taking advice from a knowledgeable and skillful person in your field can save from committing blunders and help you stay motivated. Using experience and wisdom of an expert will also help you understand your field in a better way, and make your further journey a lot easier.

9)Love your work: One of the most common reason for being demotivated is getting bored with the work. Anyone one can get bored if he does not love what he does. Therefor it is important that, you should love your work and take interest in it, or it will be difficult to stay motivated.

10) Never give up: Be a warrior, never give up until you win. Always remember the darkest hour is just before the dawn. The worst can come just before the success, so don’t give up just wait and work hard. To become successful it takes time. Develop the habit of persistence, never giving up is a great way to stay motivated.


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  3. I’ve been hearing never give up since I was a kid, but it’s having a whole new meaning to me lately. It’s a good tip. Even when it feels like something’s not working, just keep doing it anyways. Eventually, if you keep trying, you’ll get that job, you’ll lose that weight, you’ll run that marathon. If you give up, you’ll definitely not get it. Good post!


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  9. good article! inspirational and worth reading every time you need a reminder that time is precious and must be used well!


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  13. Great thoughts! I could totally identify with the to do list recommendation. In fact, checking off little boxes beside my itemized list allows me to look back and see what I’ve already done, feel achieved, allowing myself to press forward to complete my tasks for the day. What else helps is an end goal. Something I can reward myself with after all my boxes are checked. Whether it is watching a chick flick, roasting a marshmallow (or two), or a trip to the lake with my kayak I’m sure to get my list done fairly quickly.

    It’s an adrenaline phenomenon of sorts, when there’s a reward I can get an entire list done pretty quickly. Hello, name is Kristal and I’m 5. 😉

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