Inspirational Anna Akhmatova Quotes

Anna Akhmatova Quotes
Anna Akhmatova

Anna Akhmatova (23 June 1889 – 5 March 1966) was a Russian modernist poet, one of the most acclaimed writers in the Russian canon. Akhmatova’s work ranges from short lyric poems to intricately structured cycles. This post features some Inspirational Anna Akhmatova Quotes.

Anna Akhmatova Quotes

“I am in the middle of it: chaos and poetry; poetry and love and again, complete chaos. Pain, disorder, occasional clarity; and at the bottom of it all: only love; poetry. Sheer enchantment, fear, humiliation. It all comes with love.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“You do not know just what you’ve been forgiven.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“You will hear thunder and remember me,
and think: she wanted storms.”
Anna Akhmatova

“I seem to myself, as in a dream,
An accidental guest in this dreadful body.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“Each of our lives is a Shakespearean drama raised to the thousandth degree.”
Anna Akhmatova quotes

“If you were music, I would listen to you ceaselessly, and my low spirits would brighten up.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“Call me a sinner,
Mock me maliciously:
I was your insomnia,
I was your grief.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“As the future ripens in the past,
so the past rots in the future —
a terrible festival of dead leaves.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“You will hear thunder and remember me,
And think: she wanted storms. The rim
Of the sky will be the color of hard crimson,
And your heart, as it was then, will be on fire.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“My shadow serves as the friend I crave.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“I know beginnings, I know endings too,
and life-in-death, and something else
I’d rather not recall just now.”
Anna Akhmatova quotes

“We learned not to meet anymore,
We don’t raise our eyes to one another,
But we ourselves won’t guarantee
What could happen to us in an hour.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“The word landed with a stony thud
Onto my still-beating breast.
Nevermind, I was prepared,
I will manage with the rest.

I have a lot of work to do today;
I need to slaughter memory,
Turn my living soul to stone
Then teach myself to live again. . .

But how. The hot summer rustles
Like a carnival outside my window;
I have long had this premonition
Of a bright day and a deserted house. ”
― Anna Akhmatova

“Forgive me, that I manage badly,
Manage badly but live gloriously,
That I leave traces of myself in my songs,
That I appeared to you in waking dreams.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“I have a lot of work to do today;
I need to slaughter memory,
Turn my living soul to stone
Then teach myself to live again.”
Anna Akhmatova quotes

“A land not mine, still
forever memorable,
the waters of its ocean
chill and fresh.

Sand on the bottom whiter than chalk,
and the air drunk, like wine,
late sun lays bare
the rosy limbs of the pinetrees.

Sunset in the ethereal waves:
I cannot tell if the day
is ending, or the world, or if
the secret of secrets is inside me again.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“The whole time I was hoping my silence would fit yours and exclamation marks would gently float across time and space so that boundaries would be crossed; the whole time I was praying you would read my eyes and understand what I was never able to understand. See, we were never about butterflies. We’ve always been about burning stars. All about us is unearthly and radiant.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“Today I have so much to do:
I must kill memory once and for all,
I must turn my soul to stone,
I must learn to live again.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“But then he touched the flowers
With the dry tips of his fingers.
“Tell me how men kiss you.
Tell me how you kiss.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“I myself, from the very beginning,
Seemed to myself like someone’s dream or delirium
Or a reflection in someone else’s mirror,
Without flesh, without meaning, without a name.
Already I knew the list of crimes
That I was destined to commit.”
Anna Akhmatova quotes

“Your voice is wild and simple.
You are untranslatable
Into any one tongue.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“Wild honey smells of freedom
The dust – of sunlight
The mouth of a young girl, like a violet
But gold – smells of nothing.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“Rising from the past, my shadow
Is running in silence to meet me.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“This cruel age has deflected me,
like a river from this course.
Strayed from its familiar shores,
my changeling life has flowed
into a sister channel.
How many spectacles I’ve missed:
the curtain rising without me,
and falling too. How many friends
I never had the chance to meet.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“Let whoever wants to, relax in the south,
And bask in the garden of paradise.
Here is the essence of north and it’s autumn
I’ve chosen as this year’s friend.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“And you know, I agree to everything:
I will condemn, I will forget, I will give comfort to the enemy,
Darkness will be light and sin lovely.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“And it seemed to me that there were fires
Flying till dawn without number
And I never found out things-those
Strange eyes of his-what colour?

Everything trembling and singing and
Were you my enemy or my friend,
Winter was it or summer?”
― Anna Akhmatova

“How the miracle of our meeting
Shone there and sang,
I didn’t want to return
From there to anywhere.
Happiness instead of duty
Was bitter delight to me.
Not obliged to speak to anyone,
I spoke for a long while.
Let passions stifle lovers,
Demanding answers,
We, my dear, are only souls
At the limits of the world.”
Anna Akhmatova quotes

“Song falls silent, music is dumb,
But the air burns with their fragrance,
And white winter, on its knees,
Observes everything with reverent attention.”
― Anna Akhmatova

“Though you are three times more beautiful than angels,
Though you are the sister of the river willows,
I will kill you with my singing,
Without spilling your blood on the ground.
Not touching you with my hand,
Not giving you one glance, I will stop loving you,
But with your unimaginable groans
I will finally slake my thirst.
From her, who wandered the earth before me,
Crueler than ice, more fiery than flame,
From her, who still exists in the ether—
From her you will set me free.”
― Anna Akhmatova

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  1. She has so many good poems. It may be a different translation, but this was always a favorite Akhmatova quote of mine:

    “As if I were a river
    The harsh age changed my course,
    Replaced one life with another,
    Flowing in a different channel
    And I do not recognize my shores.”

    Thank you for the blog like, Alchemist! : )


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