10 Benefits of Running

10 Benefits of Running
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Physical exercises are bodily activities which improve, and maintain our Health both physical and mental.
Running is also a kind of physical exercise which affects your health in a positive way. So why should you run, and what are the health benefits of Running, let’s find it out.
Below is a list of 10 benefits of running which will inspire and motivate you for Running.

1)Running helps you loose your weight.

2)Running keeps your heart and blood vessels healthy, Which reduces the risk of Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke etc. Running is very beneficial for your cardinal health.

3)Running improves your respiratory system and reduces the risk of lungs disease.

4)Running reduces Stress, which is a an awesome benefit of running.

5)When you run your blood circulation improves.

6)Running can help you live longer life.
It has been found in Various researches that, people who do regular physical exercises, such as running have added more years to their life.

7)Running improves digestion and increases your metabolism and reduces total blood cholesterol.

8)Running improves your immune system.
The immune system is a system with in your body that protects you from disease. Hence running, by improving your immune system, gives you the power to fight disease.

9)Running improves your learning ability.

10)Running improves your Emotional state and Self-esteem.

Now you have some pretty awesome benefits of running. So plane your schedule and start running every day in the morning, and have better health and life style.


  1. hello its dennis the vizsla dog hay grayt post i luv running!!! running is wun of the things us vizsla dogs do best!!! ok bye


    1. Hey Dennis. Thanks you for commenting. 🙂
      See you around.


  2. Not to mention, running consistently can lead to a “runner’s high”. It’s the most amazing natural, euphoric feeling that your body creates. There is no substitute. I hope to return to running in the near future.


  3. Or if you don’t feel like it, brisk walking in a way that involves whole body movement sometimes is more appropriate. 30 minutes per session suffices. The key to health is to be almost constantly in movement.


  4. I love running! I’m trying to learn to slot it into a traveller’s schedule now. Just signed up for my first half-marathon too – eek!


  5. Yes , I love this article as there are many reasons have been narrated on why we should running regularly and why running is the best among of the effective exercises .
    But it is also to be noticed , these factors are still unknown to many people ,
    In this case i think this article shared here will very informative and much helpful to them to know the benefits of running .
    Thank you author for sharing such useful article here on the benefits of running .


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